About us

Welcome to the PainkillerChats.com a community where you can safely buy and also sell your pain medications.

Not everyone has an insurance and not everyone can afford the high pharmacy prices. For this reason, many turn to buy painkillers online from Mexico, Canada and India where it is cheaper.

Because getting a prescription for opioids has become very difficult and also expensive, many turn to buy from the streets. This can be very dangerous to the patient and most often lead to overdose.

Our mission is to create a platform where people can talk freely, share ideas and most especially fight pain together.

We focus mainly on two things;

A) Overdose

Drug overdose is a worry among those who buy pain medications on the streets. It has become five times higher today than 35 years ago with reports in 2009 showing that more people died from overdose than car accidents.

B) Avoiding scams while buying pain medication

Buying painkillers online or any other medication has become very difficult due to the numerous scam websites looking to advantage of people. We receive tons of emails everyday with complaints of getting scammed and others looking for genuine vendors.

At Painkillerchats, we have been able to create a community where you can buy painkillers online without getting scammed. We also have doctors who will guide you to make sure you do not overdose.

To buy painkillers from our site is very easy. All you have to do is go to our Vendor page, pick one seller and place your order.

All the vendors have been verified and also made a deposit of $1,000 before being listed.

You can also help us fight scam by reporting the shady vendors. This enlightens many and will subsequently create a scam-free market. If you are in contact with anyone who claims to sell painkillers online, send us their information for verification before trading.

Every information on how to buy painkillers and avoid scams can be gotten from our forum. There you will meet others looking to buy and also vendors ready to supply you with any quantity of pain medication needed.

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